Chris & Desiree: Seattle, WA

Desiree and I connected in October and discussed my trip out to Seattle (from SW Michigan) for her engagement photos with Chris. After much planning, it finally all went down Saturday April 26th. I had seen her season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and was very drawn to how genuine both her and Chris appeared to be on the show (as much as you can take from reality TV).  My assistant (Danielle) and I met them at the bottom of the trail to Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, Washington. Upon meeting them, I was quite pleased to find out that they were just as warm and kind as they appeared on the show. It was a two mile hike up to the destination where we were taking photos and a two mile trek back down, but Chris and Des were game time for anything…especially if it meant a breathtaking view of Rattlesnake lake and a mountain range as the backdrop for their engagement photos. We talked the entire way up and the entire way down. They were absolutely authentic in sharing about their own lives, not to mention were super intentional in asking questions about my own life. Chris had us laughing with all of his witty one-liners, and Desiree was as sweet as I imagined she’d be.
The top of the mountain was a whole other experience that had me laughing…Chris being afraid of heights, a short lived random hail-storm, strong winds, super friendly chipmunks, an unexpected audience watching our every move, Chris and Des trying to inconspicuously pull off an outfit change (which ended up being quite impressive)… but honestly, my favorite part of my entire time with Chris and Des was observing how crazy they are about each other. It was so evident how much they love each other by the way they interact and by how sincerely happy they make each other. What beautiful people. I was truly honored to capture some of their love on camera. Chris and Des, thanks for picking me! :)