The most important thing to me is that once my happily married clients receive their photos, they’re even HAPPIER. That they’re able to look back through their photos and re-live the day as if I’m re-telling their story. Your joy is my joy. Its important for me to work with people who appreciate art and people who inspire me with their love, their style, their spirit.  So what’s my ideal wedding? Who are my ideal couples?

  • Couples who are madly in love and aren’t afraid to show it. 
  • Adventurers. I love a bride who’s not afraid to get a little dirt on her dress.
  • Couples who are gametime for anything. 
  • Outdoor weddings or naturally lit venues (big windows, brightly lit). 
  • Non-traditional & unique touches. 

So if you’re here because you’re looking for someone to tell the story of the biggest day of your life, email me. Lets have a conversation (whether that be via email, text, phone, skype, meeting). Lets talk about what you’re looking for & what’s most important to you for your wedding day. Lets figure out if we’re a good fit, and let’s book your wedding.  

Wedding Inquiries

Please include the following in your email to GIVINGTREEPHOTOGRAPHY@GMAIL.COM:
(Just look at it as a really fun homework assignment)

  1. 1. Bride & Groom’s full names. 
  2. 2. Wedding Date, Location, Venue. 
  3. 3. Wedding Photography Budget. 
  4. 4. Who are you? Who are you marrying? Where are you headed? What do you wake up for every morning? 
  5. 5. Got Instagram? Facebook? If ya don’t mind, feel free to share your Instagram handle or link to your facebook. I love connecting with people there too! 
  6. 6. What makes your love unique and how can I capture it? 
  7. 7. Tell me about your vision for your wedding. Details, mood, florals, your dress, the music.
  8. Paint me a picture with your words. I want to get excited about what you’re excited about. 
  9. 8. How did you find me?
  10. 9. What are you looking for in a photographer? 
  11. 10. Most importantly, why do you think we are a good fit for each other? 

 Can’t wait to hear from you.