Looking Forward: 2015 Travels

Its a new year and boy oh boy does 2015 excite me! I’m so excited to announce where I’ll be headed.

February: Tucson, AZ
March: Doha, Qatar & Kathmandu, Nepal
April: Naples, FL
May: Wisconsin
July: Asheville, North Carolina
August: Kasilof, Alaska
September: Italy (Amalfi Coast, Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Venice)
October: Malibu, California

I’ll be updating instagram for each adventure (although I havent decided whether or not I’ll post more to my personal instagram [@jodibodtke)]or Giving Tree [@givingtreephotography]) but feel free to hit follow on both so you dont miss out!

Chris & Desiree (1 of 1)

Seattle Friday-5 Seattle Friday-33 Seattle Sunday-53 summer-5