Matt & Kathryn

Everything about Kathryn screamed “I love him” and everything about Matt whispered “I adore her”. Their wedding was the perfect amount of vintage and class with Kathryn rockin’ her short wedding dress and the same hat that her mom wore down the aisle on her wedding day. The venue and the flowers were a dream. The weather? Perfect. Matt and Kathryn? So full of life and so adorable together I could melt. So happy for you two!

Venue: The Octagon House, Washington MI TomLindsey_0052.jpg TomLindsey_0054.jpg TomLindsey_0055.jpg TomLindsey_0059.jpg TomLindsey_0058.jpg TomLindsey_0063.jpg TomLindsey_0064.jpg TomLindsey_0065.jpg TomLindsey_0062.jpg TomLindsey_0066.jpg TomLindsey_0067.jpg TomLindsey_0069.jpg TomLindsey_0070.jpg TomLindsey_0071.jpg TomLindsey_0072.jpg TomLindsey_0073.jpg TomLindsey_0074.jpg TomLindsey_0078.jpg TomLindsey_0079.jpg TomLindsey_0080.jpg TomLindsey_0081.jpg TomLindsey_0082.jpg Jade_0104 TomLindsey_0084.jpg TomLindsey_0085.jpg TomLindsey_0086.jpg