Sean & Les

I have nothing but absolutely wonderful things to say about Melissa & Sean and their wedding day. First of all, no one can go wrong with the venue choice of Blue Dress Barn in Benton Harbor, MI. S&M reside in Seattle and decided to do a destination wedding to the little Southwest corner of Michigan to tie the knot. They love music, dancing, maps, books, family, and each other- and every ounce of that was weaved into the details of their wedding day. They carried music around during photos. Sean said directly to me, “I just want the celebration to continue throughout every aspect of the day.” They danced, hugged, shimmied, and hysterically laughed their way through photos. It was amazing.

One of my favorite details? They had the most creative centerpieces I had ever seen. Each table represented a couple from a novel, complete with quotes from the book, the name of the couple, and the actual book. Their guest book was for each person at the table to sign the novel so that when they go through and read the book sometime down the road, they get little surprise notes from people they love.

S&M…the best part about you two is the obvious, overwhelming, deep love that you have for each other. I’ve never seen a couple so lost in each other in one moment and then belly-laughing uncontrollably in the next moment. You guys have something really unique and I’m so honored to have been the one to capture a glimpse of that. Melissa & Sean_0050.jpg Melissa & Sean_0001.jpg Melissa & Sean_0002.jpg Melissa & Sean_0003.jpg Melissa & Sean_0004.jpg Melissa & Sean_0005.jpg Melissa & Sean_0006.jpg Melissa & Sean_0007.jpg Melissa & Sean_0008.jpg Melissa & Sean_0010.jpg Melissa & Sean_0009.jpg Melissa & Sean_0011.jpg Melissa & Sean_0012.jpg Melissa & Sean_0013.jpg Melissa & Sean_0014.jpg Melissa & Sean_0015.jpg Melissa & Sean_0016.jpg Melissa & Sean_0017.jpg Melissa & Sean_0018.jpg Melissa & Sean_0019.jpg Melissa & Sean_0020.jpg Melissa & Sean_0021.jpg Melissa & Sean_0022.jpg Melissa & Sean_0023.jpg Melissa & Sean_0027.jpg Melissa & Sean_0026.jpg Melissa & Sean_0024.jpg Melissa & Sean_0025.jpg Melissa & Sean_0029.jpg Melissa & Sean_0028.jpg Melissa & Sean_0030.jpg Melissa & Sean_0031.jpg Melissa & Sean_0032.jpg Melissa & Sean_0033.jpg Melissa & Sean_0034.jpg Melissa & Sean_0035.jpg Melissa & Sean_0036.jpg Melissa & Sean_0037.jpg Melissa & Sean_0038.jpg Melissa & Sean_0039.jpg Melissa & Sean_0040.jpg Melissa & Sean_0041.jpg Melissa & Sean_0042.jpg Melissa & Sean_0043.jpg Melissa & Sean_0044.jpg Melissa & Sean_0045.jpg Melissa & Sean_0046.jpg Melissa & Sean_0047.jpg Melissa & Sean_0048.jpg Melissa & Sean_0049.jpg Melissa & Sean_0051.jpg Melissa & Sean_0052.jpg Melissa & Sean_0053.jpg Melissa & Sean_0054.jpg Melissa & Sean_0055.jpg Melissa & Sean_0056.jpg Melissa & Sean_0057.jpg Melissa & Sean_0058.jpg Melissa & Sean_0061.jpg Melissa & Sean_0059.jpg Melissa & Sean_0060.jpg Melissa & Sean_0062.jpg Melissa & Sean_0063.jpg Melissa & Sean_0064.jpg Melissa & Sean_0065.jpg Melissa & Sean_0066.jpg Melissa & Sean_0067.jpg Melissa & Sean_0068.jpg Melissa & Sean_0069.jpg Melissa & Sean_0070.jpg Melissa & Sean_0071.jpg Melissa & Sean_0072.jpg Melissa & Sean_0073.jpg Melissa & Sean_0074.jpg